The spectacular trip that is called African Safari Tours

When you say ‘wildlife safari’, the first picture that comes to mind is of Africa. With around 11.7 million sq miles, it is the second largest continent, and also the second most populous. One of the highlights of the continent is definitely its wildlife and has one of the largest wildlife populations in the world. Be it carnivores or herbivores, these animals move about freely and can be spotted easily.

Apart from the five big animals of Africa which include rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes, there are just 400 species of birds alone and more than 95 species of other animals including reptiles, amphibians and mammals. In fact, the Masai Mara Reserve is reputed to be the only place in entire Africa that has such abundant population of diverse wildlife population.  It was made a protected area with the sole intention of protecting wildlife from hunters and poaching activities.

African National Parks

Here are some of the best african safari tours in the famous National Parks of Africa.

The Serengeti National Park: This is another attraction of Tanzania. With an area spread over 5,700 sq miles, it has a great diversity of wildlife population. There is the wildebeest population which can be spotted during its visits to the region and zebras can be spotted all the time.  It is one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa and visitors can opt for different types of accommodation, be it luxury lodges or the adventurous mobile camps.

Bwindi Forests: If you wish to visit one safari that mirrors the uniqueness of Africa, then you should head to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, located in Uganda.  Due to its exceptional ecosystem, it is a world heritage site.  A safari tour to these forests can also be referred to the gorilla tour as most visitors come here to see the gigantic gorilla population. A safari tour to the Bwindi impenetrable forest means you get to taste the adventure, the excitement and the closeness to nature.

Ahaggar National Park: Located in Algeria, the Ahaggar National Park has an amazing landscape, with 3000 meter of mountain range, and a colossal wasteland. The classic dunes of the desert are a must-see.  It is also a safe place to visit contrary to reports. Those who wish to experience nomadic culture and a desert landscape should visit the park. It is serene and peaceful, not just to the eyes but to the mind as well.

 Kidepo Valley National Park: If you have been looking for a picturesque place to spend your time, along with spotting wildlife, then the Kidepo Valley Natioanal Park in Uganda is what you should visit. The savannah grasslands along with high mountains, this is a place where your camera can capture beauty in its raw form. It is not that popular and it remains remote yet beautiful. Visitors can get astonishing glimpse into the various wildlife populations, the highlight being herds of wild buffaloes.

The thought of leading daily life and watching lions and tigers move about in their abode is exciting in itself. That is the beauty of going on a safari tour in Africa.

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The spectacular trip that is called African Safari Tours