African safari tours – the best ones for you

An introduction:

The African continent being vast and diverse is extremely rich in natural beauty. The dramatic scenery of the place as well as the amazing wildlife makes it one of the most sought after places for travelers across the globe. Encompassing the savannah, the Sahara desert, the mountain ranges as well as the beautiful lowlands, stunning coastlines as well as the rainforests, it offers a safari for every travel enthusiast. The warmth of the tribal people, the diversity in its culture, a trek in the mountainous terrains searching for the world famous mountain gorilla or catching glimpses of the magnificent Victoria Falls; all accounts for an uncontested or nonpareil experience for visitors.

So if you are planning to delve into the sublimity of this prolific location, then there are plenty of African safari tours and packages which offer you a bucket list of fabulous tours covering some of its iconic destinations. Their packages vary from affordable to luxurious and if the best way to explore the mysteries of this colossal continent.

Here are some of the top African safari tours on offer.

Lake and crater migration:

Perhaps one of the best Safari tours at present, this 9 day tour will kick start from Kenya’s Masai Mara, slowly heading southwards into Tanzania. The Lake Manyara, Serengeti as well as the Ngorongoro Crater will be in front of you. This wildlife tour will give you a wonderful opportunity to catch glimpses of the wildebeest migrating collectively to a different place. One highlight of the migration is the wildebeest crossing rivers across the Masai Mara and the Serengeti.

Victoria falls, Zimbabwe as well as the Botswana tour:

This fabulous tour of 14 days will cover up four scintillating locations, namely the Okavango Delta, situated in the North part of Botswana, the Vic Falls, The Matabos, Zimbabwe as well as the Hwange National Park. The package is a bit expensive, but considering the places which you will be exposed to, it is worth it. The highlight of the tour is at the Hwange National Park when a herd of elephants gathers near water holes to drink or bathe.

Kenya tours and Trekking in pursuit of the Uganda Gorilla:

For travelers seeking for an authentic safari experience, this tour is tailored for their needs. This 14 day safari enables you to encounter wild animals in their national habitat and also makes you witness some spell bounding scenery of the Kenya region. The gorilla adventure, the baboon safari as well as trekking through the impenetrable Bwindi forests in the Uganda national park, all accounts for a breath taking outing.

An epic train journey across the African continent

This tour of three weeks is really a once in a lifetime experience. A tour of three weeks travelling through the world’s most luxurious train across the continent and catching the sights and scenes of some iconic locations, tropical beach getaway and the glorious African landscape is definitely something else. You will be astounded by the visuals which come your way when this grand train sweeps Africa from Cape Town to Dar se Salaam.

Wide range of safari tour packages on offer:

Many more tours covering the Tanzania Safari, the Mozambique scenery and many more are available as options. There are also several cost effective solo tours or couple Safari tours which you can go for.


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African safari tours – the best ones for you